Small Steps

Yesterday, for the first time, I went out with my hair in a ponytail.

This felt like a huge deal before I did it. Okay, so I knew anyone looking at me would have seen a big guy with a dubious sense of style, but the only reason I have enough hair to put in a ponytail is because I’ve been avoiding my old barbers which, in turn, is down to my gender issues. So in my head it was closely associated with gender presentation, and I half-expected that to be reflected in how people reacted.

In other words, I was expecting jeers and catcalls. But instead, nothing. Okay, there were the usual sneers, which I assume are due to the way I twitch and mutter, but nothing worse than background noise.

Combine that with the strange sense of exhilaration I felt, and I’ll call the experiment a success.


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