Which is Convenient, Really

Having a blog clarifies my thinking and improves my life, even if I never actually post.



To be honest, my current patch of incoherence is at least partly due to fear.

When I made the “Changes” post, a few days back, I promised to come back and write about what I found, forgetting that any degree of commitment makes me panic.

So having made that commitment, I started to dread writing a follow-up post. And what better way to excuse myself from blogging than temporarily losing the ability to string words together?


I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to put a post together, without success. There’s a whole bunch I want to write about, but the words keep slipping through my fingers.

This is a recurrent problem for me. The periods in which everything goes to shit and I can’t do things which should be easy aren’t limited to writing, but they are most noticeable when I try to write.


Since I dropped out of school, ten years back, my life has been fairly stagnant. For the last nine and a half years, I’ve been trying to change that.

As you might have guessed, this hasn’t worked. I’m still in much the same position I was at age seventeen, save for being a hundred pounds heavier and a tiny bit wiser.

This isn’t supposed to be a whiny autobiographical sort of blog, so I’ll spare you all the gory details. But if this blog is going to work as intended, I need to work out how to break out of this swamp.

So for the next week or so, I’m going to be investigating how other people have managed to turn their lives around, and blogging about what I find.