Probably Not

There’s a massive gap between what I believe I understand and what I can articulate. But if I can’t articulate something, can I really claim to understand it?



To be honest, my current patch of incoherence is at least partly due to fear.

When I made the “Changes” post, a few days back, I promised to come back and write about what I found, forgetting that any degree of commitment makes me panic.

So having made that commitment, I started to dread writing a follow-up post. And what better way to excuse myself from blogging than temporarily losing the ability to string words together?


I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to put a post together, without success. There’s a whole bunch I want to write about, but the words keep slipping through my fingers.

This is a recurrent problem for me. The periods in which everything goes to shit and I can’t do things which should be easy aren’t limited to writing, but they are most noticeable when I try to write.


The course I was planning to take this year was cancelled at the last minute, so I took a fraction of the money I had put aside, and signed up for an online creative writing program.

This may have been a mistake. I don’t know if it’s going to teach me more than all the how-to books I’ve already read, and it might be yet another distraction from actually writing stuff. It might have other benefits, like encouraging me to focus, or get more organized, but honestly, I wouldn’t bet on it.

Still. I’ll give it an honest try. What’s the worst that can happen?